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NEW STUFF: Complete range of Dyneema covers

We are excited to tell you that we now offer a complete range of light-weight, low friction and abrasion resistant Dyneema covers. Ranging from the smallest 1x1x24L to the largest 1x1x48L of the 0.7mm thick covers available from Maffioli, they can be used to cover lines between 4mm and 13mm (core size).

The Dyneema covers are perfect for stripped spinnaker sheets, afterguys, jib sheets that run through inhauler rings, halyards that need a little extra protection from mast sheaves.. They can be used on any part of a line that doesn't go on a winch or in a cleat/jammer.

Because of their thinness and ability to adjust to a wider range of diameters than conventional covers, they are great for covering splices. Instead of that rock-hard piece of line that often follows a tight covered eye-splice, you get a spliced section that is almost as flexible as the rest of the line.

Check Maffioli's website for more info on sizes: Calza Dyneema or give us a call to hear more about the options for your boat!

Calza Dyneema / Wichard
Wichard Speedlink shackle fitted to large eye-splice with Dyneema cover
Jib halyard
Jib halyard - the first 1.5m covered with black Dyneema cover.



Get your lines in shape with our splicing service! We do all sorts of splicing work, including various spliced eyes, loops, tapered lines, endless lines and soft shackles. We also help you choose the shackles and fittings best suited for your boat.

We can splice most lines on the market, so we can also do splicing work for lines that you already have*.

*Used lines: we generally don't do splicing work on used lines. But if the line is fairly new and in good condition, we might make an exception. So feel free to ask for a quote!

Splicing tools
What can we do for you?
DSK78 Club Poly, Calza Dyneema & Tylaska-T8/T12
DSK78 Club Poly, Calza Dyneema & Tylaska-T8/T12
Spi-sheets and afterguys for an X-50
Spi-sheets and afterguys for an X-50


Covered eye-splices
Covered eye-splices with DSK78 Club Poly 10mm.
One with original cover and the other with a thin

A spliced eye at the end of a line. Used for attaching shackles to the line or securing the line to pins and posts. Can be made with or without cover and in various lengths.

Eye-splices without cover
Eye-splices without cover. To the left a cover-only
eye used at halyard tails to attach pilot-line.


Endless mainsheet on an X-35. Red tape marks the splice.
Endless mainsheet on an X-35.
Red tape marks the splice

A line-to-line or "endless" splice is great for continuous line applications, such as mainsheet systems and furling lines. Can be done with most types of rope, and when needed we will do the splicing on the boat.


Small 4mm soft shackle
Small 4mm soft shackle

Soft shackles are a great alternative to regular metal shackles. Light-weight, strong and easy to use. Use for block attachments, jib sheets, extra sheets (such as outward sheets) and even some halyards.

Rope Service offers custom-built soft shackles for all your needs. For most applications we recommend Maffioli's "Compact 78" Dyneema core, but other materials are available on request.

As a rule of thumb, the breaking load of a soft shackle is equal to the breaking load of the rope used for building it.


Loops are great for attaching blocks and other hardware. Typically built of three rounds of Dyneema-core inside an extra thin Dyneema-cover, they combine very high break load with low weight.

10mm Dyneema-loops
Three rounds of 4mm Dyneema results in 10mm loops
Loop-attachment for reef-hook on mainsail
Loop-attachment for reef-hook on mainsail
Dyneema-loops built with 4 - 5 - 6 and 8mm core.