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All prices in DKK and including 25% Danish VAT. We reserve the rights for changes.

Splicing work is based on an hourly rate of 450 DKK. Here are some examples, please feel free to ask for more specific quotes!

Eye splice, core only: 150 DKK

Eye splice with cover: 360 DKK

Tapered (partly stripped) sheet or halyard with uncovered eye-splice: 450 DKK

Custom built soft shackles: price of material plus 100-200 DKK for work

Custom made Dyneema-loops - request offer, starting at 500 DKK

Endless main sheet (for German sheeting or similar) - request offer, usually 1.5h of work

All halyards include cover-eye in tail for easy installation.

Comparative chart
"Comparative chart of the elastic elongation
of single braids of equal diameter (10mm)"


Gottifredi Maffioli:

These super light-weight covers are excellent for replacing the original cover. All Maffioli-covers available in black.

Cover type Fits core size Thickness Price kr/m
1x1x24L 4-6mm 0.7mm 32,-
1x1x32M 5-7mm 0.7mm 46,-
1x1x32L 6-9mm 0.7mm 46,-
1x1x48M 7-10mm 0.7mm 69,-
1x1x48L 9-13mm 0.7mm 69,-
1x2x32L 7-10mm 1.2mm 70,-

Cousin Trestec:

Heavy duty cover, can also be applied on top of the original cover to provide extra abrasion resistance. Examples include main halyards or spinnaker/code0 halyards on 40-60ft offshore boats. Available in white.

Cover type Fits core size Thickness Price kr/m
Dyneema Extra 10mm 10-14mm 1.5mm 75,-


For ropes, blocks, clutches and other hardware we refer to Columbus Marine's recommended retail prices:

Columbus Marine products

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to changes. Please ask for a specific quote for all jobs.