Rope Service - H-boat

One Design: H-boat

Here is a selection of sheets and halyards optimized for the H-boat. The specifics change from time to time to keep up with the latest ropes on the market as well as valuable input from our customers.

These lines are made to order, so they can easily be adjusted to your personal preferences.

To place your order, please call or send me an email.

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Main halyard complete with wire and shackle to fit the mast lock system from John Mast. The halyard is made from Maffioli's "Olympicstar 78 - 6mm", featuring a 4mm "Compact 78" Dyneema core that splices beautifully into the 3mm wire. Thanks to the stiffness of the Dyneema core, this light weight halyard is actually easier to get into the hook than the traditional ones made with 8-10mm polyester line.

Total length 22m. To save weight where it matters most, the first 7 meters from the top is stripped from cover.

To order this halyard, you need to know the length of the wire, measured from the bearing point of the shackle to the bearing point of the steel ball. Please note that your old wire might not be the optimal length - you should compare it to the "P-max" tape on your mast. (Remember to add 10-15mm for the distance between the head of the sail and the hole in the headboard.) Typically the length from bearing point to bearing point is between 480mm and 560mm.

Price: 21.5m Olympicstar 750kr, wire with shackle 250kr, work 450kr

Total: 1450kr


Olympicstar 78, 6mm

Length: total 20m, 7m stripped.

Price: 20m Olympicstar: 700kr, splicing: 200kr

Total: 900kr


Due to boats being fitted with various halyard tensioning systems, we haven't been able to come up with a solution that fits all. Please contact us with more information on your boat to get a quote.


Core: 5mm Compact 78

Cover: 6mm Swiftcord

Construction: 1m core with spliced eye - 3.5m core with cover (9,5mm thick) - 9.5m cover only

Total length: 14m

Price: materials 530kr, splicing 450kr

Total: 980kr


The jib sheet is 14m long, designed to be looped onto the clew in the middle. It's long enough to be cross-sheeted to windward and used for hiking.

Core: 5mm Compact 78

Cover: 6mm Swiftcord

Construction (from middle, per side): 1.1m core only - 2.5m core with cover (9,5mm thick) - 3.4m cover only

Price: materials 570kr, splicing 450kr

Total: 1020kr


SpilerskĂžde: 6,5mm Superswift
Spinnaker sheet

The gold standard for small boat spinnaker sheets is Gottifredi Maffioli's "Superswift" featuring a "Compact 78" Dyneema core and "Swiftcord" cover that is designed specially for ratchet blocks.

Our H-boat spinnaker sheet is made from Airswift 8mm, with Compact 78 4mm spliced in for the stripped part. This way you get the same look and feel as with the somewhat more expensive Superswift.

Available as either continuous (29m) or two separate sheets (2 x 18m). Stripped length per side: 7m.

Price: materials 1050kr / 1370kr - work 450kr

Total price continuous: 1500kr

Total price separate: 1820kr

* Disclaimer: All products are subject to availability. Prices stated here or referred to from third parties are subject to change.